Back Story

My name is Michael and this blog is about a 30-day journey around the world. The trip starts in California in late July and travels to Bali, Indonesia where my family will holiday and spend some time working with the Bali Children’s Project. BCP is an educational project that sponsors Balinese children in the first years of school by providing uniforms, school supplies and teach stipends. My wife Kathryn, who is a teacher herself, has been passionately nurturing this charity for the past five years and this year we’re opening a new school and expanding the number of students that receive support. For more information, please go to

After 10 days in Bali, I’ll continue westward via Jakarta and Qatar to Spain where I’ll travel to Pamplona and continue the Camino Frances where Kathryn and I stopped in May 2012. I’ll hike from Pamplona to Burgos alone (if that’s possible on the Camino in August) and then Kathryn will join me for the hike to Leon. We’ll fly home together in late August.

I’m a first-time blogger and haven’t kept a journal before so this exercise will stretch some muscles I haven’t used in quite a while.


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